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Processing Period
Changing Tutor
Class Replacement
⚫ The location, day, and time can be choose by the parents and students on whichever that is convenient. We will try our best to arrange the class according to your request.
⚫ The parents / students can make the decision. It can be one-to-one tuition or a small group of students together in 1 session.
⚫ The fees need to be paid in advanced on every 30th of the month as we will issue the invoice on every 28th of the month.
⚫ Once we receive your request, we will get back to you within 2 working days to confirm. A suitable tutor will be shortlisted within 3 working days after the confirmation. You can have a suitable tutor for your class within 5 working days.
⚫ If the parents/students are not satisfied with the tutor, we can arrange for a change without any extra charges. However, you need to pay for the class that has been given by the previous tutor first before we can proceed.
⚫ Replacement class can be arrange with prior notice and discussion with our side.
⚫ However, please inform us on the cancellation as early as possible to make it easier for both side to arrange things.
9 AM - 10 PM
9 AM - 10 PM
Akademi Bahijjah (003041901 - D) 
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