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1. Bahijjah Academy will charge a management fee (50% of the total monthly fee) as a commission for
our company. The first month's fee will be paid by the client (the student's parent) directly to the
Academy after they agree to take the personal tuition class. The remaining fees after deducting the
management charge will be credited to the tutor bank account after the completion of one month class.

2. For classes starting in the second month, the customer will deal directly with the tutor on the
payment method. Tutors need to create their own policy on payment of fees, class arrangement and
other matters. The tutor must be responsible for ensuring that the client complies with the policy set by
the tutor. Bahijjah Academy will not be held responsible for any issues that arise between the tutor and
the client after the first month of class.

3. If the class is cancelled before a completion of one month, the tutor should notify our company
representative immediately. The Academy will make payment to the tutor within 3 business days
(usually the same day) if the cancelation is not caused by the tutor as below:

• Class is cancelled after the first week: 80% of the total class fee incurred
• Class is cancelled after the second week: 75% of total class fee incurred
• Class is cancelled after the third week: 50% of total class fees incurred
• Class is cancelled after the fourth week or 1 month: There is no refund

4. The tutor will need to respond to our terms and conditions with the 'Agree' to continue this
application process.

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